Agricultural production with photovoltaic energy production in a symbiotic relationship

The design criteria of a photovoltaic greenhouse are the integration of photovoltaic modules and ad hoc structures in a greenhouse and shading system where the light density (PAR) can be modulated according to the expected crop and the shade is never persistent.

Agriculture is the product of a combination of fertile yet fragile soil, nutrients, climate and biodiversity. The design of Naturæ Plena preserves and improves this delicate balance of elements, improves productivity and quality and at the same time increases and rationalizes production.

The skilful integration of the photovoltaic panels in the photovoltaic greenhouses of Naturæ Plena and of the translucent sheets on a light and functional structure, allows to dose the radiation and generate an alternation of light and an optimal thermal regulation for a varied range of agricultural products.

With the photovoltaic greenhouses of Naturæ Plena the company obtains a secure and constant income capable of supporting its budget, making it competitive on the markets.

In the greenhouses of Naturæ Plena the shading created by the photovoltaic generator can vary from 20% up to 60% of the total surface used according to the microclimate necessary for the expected agricultural production. In particular indoor projects the generator can reach 65-70% of the total surface, equal to a normal ground photovoltaic system.

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Calculate the DLI (Daily light integral) of the greenhouse you have in mind. Starting from the Italian geographical area concerned and knowing the limiting factors, in terms of the reduction of light radiation determined by the structure and material chosen as roofing, you can calculate the DLI of your project.

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