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Naturæ Plena

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Naturae Plena
Naturae Plena

Pioneers of photovoltaic protected crops

NATURÆ PLENA creates cultivation environments favorable to the production of vegetable matrices for the extraction of active ingredients, develops cultivation projects aimed at the production of vegetables and plants for the horticultural industry, as well as the production of vegetable matrices for the extraction of organic substances foragri-food and pharmaceutical industry. Particular attention is paid to the realization of photovoltaic greenhouses when oriented to improvement of the cultivation process.

NATURÆ PLENA has specific skills for agricultural production, with particular aptitude for protected crops and all related processes. He has engineering, agronomic, biological and biochemical skills.

The R&D sector is intended for the improvement of cultivars with specific morphological, physiological, agronomic and commodity characteristics of particular interest and the cultivation processes for the development and optimization of the extraction processes of active ingredients.

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Calculate the DLI (Daily light integral) of the greenhouse you have in mind. Starting from the Italian geographical area concerned and knowing the limiting factors, in terms of the reduction of light radiation determined by the structure and material chosen as roofing, you can calculate the DLI of your project.

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Naturae Plena

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