Calculator from PPFD (μmol/s/m2) to DLI (mol/m2/day)

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Calculator from PPFD (μmol/s/m2) to DLI (mol/m2/day)

Daily Light Integral (DLI) is a measure of the aggregate amount of PAR light a surface receives over the course of a day. This is a very useful metric for determining whether a particular spot is receiving enough light for plants to thrive.

Calculator from PPFD (μmol/s/m2) to DLI (mol)

mol / m2/ day

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Below are some examples of the daily requirement

Lettuce14 – 16
Broccoli15 – 35
Tomatoes20 – 30
Peppers30 – 40
Cannabis30 – 45
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Calculate the DLI (Daily light integral) of the greenhouse you have in mind. Starting from the Italian geographical area concerned and knowing the limiting factors, in terms of the reduction of light radiation determined by the structure and material chosen as roofing, you can calculate the DLI of your project.

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