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Some information on the calculation that converts PPF (μmol / s) into Lumen and vice versa

The lux and the lumen are two different measures of the luminous flux, but while the lumen is a measure of the "amount of light" across a unit sphere (centered on the source), the lux is a measure relative to the plane illuminated area tangent to the spherical portion. 1 lumen on an area of 1 m² it corresponds to 1 lux, while the same lumen concentrated in 1 cm² corresponds to 10,000 lux.

It is not possible to convert lumens to micromoles per second absolutely accurately without referring to the type of light source with its 'spectral power distribution' (SPD). 

So this calculation allows approximate conversions between lumen and PPF based on assumptions about the SPD of the light source. 

Convert PPF to Lumens


While this other calculator allows approximate conversions between lumen and PPF (µmol / s) based on assumptions about the SPD of the light source. 

Convert lumens to PPF

µmol / s

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