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We design agrovoltaic structures and greenhouses to obtain an overall useful product, conserve resources, be socially useful, competitive and respectful of the environment.

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Soil: a limited, non-renewable resource

We are committed to ensuring that the environmental impact is always positive in the use of environmental and natural resources in terms of soil, water, air and landscape.

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photovoltaic greenhouses

When greenhouses become photovoltaic, a portion of light is subtracted from the crop, which is why for years we have been analyzing data on the quantity and quality of light necessary and sufficient to allow the production of ornamental, fruit or vegetable species.

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The Optimal Point

The optimal point of a photovoltaic greenhouse is determined by a set of factors that can positively influence the photosynthesis process of plants and significantly affect the income statement of the investment.

The future? It's here

The sector of energy production from agricultural renewable sources, the so-called "agroenergies", represents one of the most important challenges for the development strategy of the Italian agri-food sector.

The agro-energy sector can and must offer a significant contribution to allow Italy to achieve the international and EU objectives of energy supply from renewable sources on condition that the agro-energy production is sustainable and this - with adequate interventions - can take place without create contrasts and competition between food and energy supply chains.

our vision

The development of sustainable technologies and processes to counteract the Climate Change and the Reduction of greenhouse gases, with CO2 in the first place, is now a constant in the agendas of European and world leaders. The agriculture sector is able to contribute through the production of renewable energy, to the improvement of the energy efficiency of the agro-food system, to the reduction of CO2 emissions, to the optimization of production processes.

Calculate the DLI (Daily light integral) of the greenhouse you have in mind. Starting from the Italian geographical area concerned and knowing the limiting factors, in terms of the reduction of light radiation determined by the structure and material chosen as roofing, you can calculate the DLI of your project.

Energy green house photovoltaic rooftop solar
Naturae Plena

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